Monday, July 5, 2010


Power Up

It was time for the Lil War Machine to undergo a power change.
List is as follows:

GT28RS Garret Disco-Potato
660cc VDO Seimens pencil type injectors
DELTA Fin FMIC 600x270x75mm
Nistune ECU- soon to be WOLF V4
Nismo 255l Fuel Pump
Sard Fuel Pressure regulator
Turbosmart Boost Controller

RW output-201rwkw @15lb Boost, (was 151rwkw @15lb Boost with stock Turbo)

The boost curve comes on as stock, however when the old turbo ran out of puff at 6100rpm the new unit pushes hard until rev limit. (dyno chart to follow shortly)

Overlaying the 2 dyno graphs I was amazed at how early the uprated Turbo(GT28RS) came on. Line for line exact with the factory Turbo until 3700RPM then they separate. The old stock Turbo started to drop off shortly after the 5700RPM mark-the Disco pulls all the way up to 8000RPM.

The power is awesome.

We have had an issue controlling the Boost tho. Shortening the Boost Controller line helped(instead of running from the Plenum we now run from the inter-cooler piping close to Turbo outlet) but still have a 2lb spike to deal with instead of 5lb.
I will be installing a WOLF V4 aftermarket ECU shortly. This will eliminate the Air Flow Meter as the ECU has a 2bar MAF sensor so we can tune around any boost fluctuations which I believe to be the result of a high flowing internally gated Turbo such as the RS

This is a great MOD to do to your RB20DET

Friday, June 11, 2010

Ok, next up was the handling.

Larger wheels were purchased-KOYA Driftek's, 17x8 +32 f, 17x9 +38 r.

The upper arm bushes have been replaced with nolathane. Rear cradle has now got pineapples installed to stiffen rear up. HICAS has been removed & a lock-bar has been put in its place. Larger swaybars, 28mm fr-24mm r both are solid type & blade adjustable. (Brand Selby).

Standard suspension is out & Uprated Bilstein dampers(height adjustable) with King 25mm lowered springs now sit in place. Front Suspension geometry adjusters have been installed to help with Camber/Castor adjustment. Rear adj. upper arms for the back. Change in handling is incredible, still ok for the street-bit firm-ish(but I like that) but on track it flies.
Front height-350mm ctr to guard, Rear height- 340mm ctr to guard

Brakes-Front changed over to R33 Slotted Rotors with R33Gtst Fr Callipers. Hawk HP-R Carbon pads, Motul RBF600 brake fluid-amazing change to braking capability.

Todd's Lil War Machine takes shape

Well, what to write.

This is the rather slow progression of my ride. I thought I would list out for those considering a possible path of modification to their Nissan Skyline R32 Gtst.

It started out as a fairly stock R32. It did have front & rear Cusco strut braces & a HKS mushroom pod. Also installed was an 11point earthing kit. The exhaust was a 3' Pressure bent back section.

First thing that had to go was the restrictive front section which was replaced by a Split Front Dump pipe, High flow Cat & Mandrel Bent rear section for better flow.